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Envisioning a World Made More Confident Through Novel Science

About Us

Through our work with scopolamine, a compound with broad and evolving therapeutic potential, we aspire to offer fast-acting therapeutics to people facing a range of challenging conditions with the potential to improve day-to-day functioning.
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Our Science

Our platform molecule, scopolamine, works to decrease the parasympathetic nervous system, allowing the body to better respond to internal and external challenges. We are working on a novel intranasal delivery mechanism for the molecule that aims to improve patient experiences in a range of situations.

Lead Indication

We are working to realize the potential of scopolamine to treat symptoms associated with motion and provide options for people who may be susceptible to this often debilitating condition. Our lead product is administered via an innovative intranasal delivery system with the potential to provide rapid absorption and fast-acting relief.

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Therapeutic Areas

We aim to bring innovation to a broad array of therapeutic areas. We are researching scopolamine as a potential treatment for many types of health challenges, including major depressive disorder, patients with suicidal ideation and other emergencies such as exposure to chemical warfare agents or domestic terrorism.


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